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Exede Satellite Internet

Exede Satellite Internet in NY


Rural High Speed Internet in New York

Exede satellite internet, the next generation in rural high speed internet access has finally arrived. Now those living in even the most remote parts of NY can enjoy super-fast downloads and even stream music and videos with internet connection speeds up to 12 Mbps. To put it into perspective, before this rural New York residents basically had 2 options: dial-up internet at 56 Kbps or last-generation satellite internet that was EXPENSIVE and had maximum speeds of 1.5 or 2.0 Mbps.

All that is in the past now though. Now you can enjoy true high speed internet access for only $49.99 per month! Not only that, but no matter what Exede package you select, you will never pay more to get a fast speed!

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Exede New York Service Areas

Babylon, NY        Bacon Hill, NY        Bainbridge, NY        Baiting Hollo, NY       
Baiting Hollow, NY        Bakers Mills, NY        Bald Mountain, NY        Baldwin, NY       
Baldwin Harbor, NY        Baldwin Place, NY        Baldwinsville, NY        Ballston, NY       
Ballston Center, NY        Ballston Lake, NY        Ballston Spa, NY        Balmville, NY       
Bangall, NY        Bangor, NY        Banksville, NY        Bar Harbor, NY       
Barbourville, NY        Bardonia, NY        Barker, NY        Barkersville, NY       
Barnerville, NY        Barnes Corners, NY        Barnes Cors, NY        Barneveld, NY       
Barnum Island, NY        Barrytown, NY        Barryville, NY        Bartlett, NY       
Bartlett Hollow, NY        Barton, NY        Basom, NY        Batavia, NY       
Bath, NY        Battenville, NY        Baxter Estates, NY        Bay Hills, NY       
Bay Point, NY        Bay Port, NY        Bay Shore, NY        Bay Terrace, NY       
Bayberry, NY        Bayberry Point, NY        Baychester, NY        Baycrest, NY       
Bayport, NY        Bayshore, NY        Bayside, NY        Bayside Hills, NY       
Bayville, NY        Beacon, NY        Bear Mountain, NY        Bear Stearns, NY       
Bearsville, NY        Beaver Dams, NY        Beaver Falls, NY        Beaver Fls, NY       
Beaver Meadow, NY        Beaver River, NY        Beckers Corners, NY        Bedford, NY       
Bedford Corners, NY        Bedford Cors, NY        Bedford Hills, NY        Bedford Village, NY       
Beech Croft, NY        Beechhurst, NY        Beekmantown, NY        Belcher, NY       
Belden, NY        Belfast, NY        Belfort, NY        Belgium, NY       
Belle Harbor, NY        Belle Terre, NY        Bellerose, NY        Bellerose Manor, NY       
Bellerose Terrace, NY        Bellerose Vil, NY        Bellerose Village, NY        Belleville, NY       
Bellevue, NY        Bellmore, NY        Bellona, NY        Bellport, NY       
Bellrose Village, NY        Bellrs Manor, NY        Bellvale, NY        Belmont, NY       
Bemis Heights, NY        Bemus Point, NY        Bennettsville, NY        Benson Mines, NY       
Bergen, NY        Berkshire, NY        Berlin, NY        Berne, NY       
Bernhards Bay, NY        Berwyn, NY        Bethel, NY        Bethlehem, NY       
Bethlehem Center, NY        Bethpage, NY        Bible Sch Pk, NY        Bible School Park, NY       
Big Brook, NY        Big Flats, NY        Big Indian, NY        Big Moose, NY       
Billings, NY        Binghamton, NY        Black Creek, NY        Black River, NY       
Blasdell, NY        Blauvelt, NY        Bleecker, NY        Bliss, NY       
Blodgett Mills, NY        Blodgett Mls, NY        Bloomfield, NY        Blooming Grove, NY       
Blooming Grv, NY        Bloomingburg, NY        Bloomingdale, NY        Bloomington, NY       
Bloomville, NY        Blossvale, NY        Blue Mountain Lake, NY        Blue Mtn Lake, NY       
Blue Point, NY        Blue Ridge, NY        Bluff Point, NY        Boght Corners, NY       
Bohemia, NY        Boiceville, NY        Bolivar, NY        Bolton Landing, NY       
Bolton Lndg, NY        Bombay, NY        Bonney, NY        Boonville, NY       
Boston, NY        Bouckville, NY        Boulevard, NY        Boultons Beach, NY       
Bovina Center, NY        Bowens Corners, NY        Bowling Green, NY        Bowmansville, NY       
Box Hill, NY        Boylston, NY        Boyntonville, NY        Bradford, NY       
Brainard, NY        Brainardsville, NY        Brainardsvle, NY        Braman Corners, NY       
Bramanville, NY        Branchport, NY        Brandreth, NY        Brandywine, NY       
Brant, NY        Brant Lake, NY        Brantingham, NY        Brasher Falls, NY       
Brasie Corners, NY        Breakabeen, NY        Breesport, NY        Breezy Point, NY       
Brentwood, NY        Brewerton, NY        Brewster, NY        Briar Park, NY       
Briarcliff, NY        Briarcliff Manor, NY        Briarcliff Mnr, NY        Briarwood, NY       
Bridgehampton, NY        Bridgeport, NY        Bridgewater, NY        Brier Hill, NY       
Brighton, NY        Brightside, NY        Brightwaters, NY        Brisben, NY       
Broad Channel, NY        Broadacres, NY        Broadalbin, NY        Brockport, NY       
Brocton, NY        Bronx, NY        Bronxville, NY        Brookfield, NY       
Brookhaven, NY        Brooklyn, NY        Brooktondale, NY        Brookview, NY       
Brookville, NY        Browns Hollow, NY        Brownville, NY        Brunswick, NY       
Brushton, NY        Brutus, NY        Buchanan, NY        Bucks Bridge, NY       
Buel, NY        Buffalo, NY        Bullville, NY        Bundyville, NY       
Burden Lake, NY        Burdett, NY        Burke, NY        Burlingham, NY       
Burlington, NY        Burlington Flats, NY        Burlngtn Flt, NY        Burnt Hills, NY       
Burnwood, NY        Burt, NY        Burtonsville, NY        Bushville, NY       
Buskirk, NY        Butternuts, NY        Byron, NY       

With Exede satellite internet, you'll be able to:

  • Download and stream videos and music much faster than ever before.
  • Upload and download videos and photos 10x-100x faster.
  • Web browsing and emailing the way it was meant to be - fast.
  • VOIP - Use your internet connection to run your digital phone service!

Exede Recovery Act Program

Important Notice

As of August 18, 2013, the WildBlue/Exede Recovery Act package is no longer available. This U.S. government-funded program has come to an end.

If you are a WildBlue/Exede customer with the Recovery Act plan, you will continue to receive service at the guaranteed rate for as long as you remain a customer and choose to remain on a Recovery Act plan.

These web pages remain available as a convenience to WildBlue/Exede customers with a Recovery Act plan.

Full details on the Exede Recovery Act program have not been fully disclosed at this time Having said that though, we do know that there are going to be up to 8 different Recovery Act Plans between ViaSat's two satellite internet programs - Exede and WildBlue. Details are developing daily and you can call us at 1-866-637-8460 for the latest information on the Exede Recovery Act in New York.


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** Comparison for exede12 areas only. Comparison is based on published speed of exede12 service and 3.1 Mbps average DSL service as reported by the FCC study of US broadband performance: http://download.broadband.gov/plan/fcc-omnibus-broadband-initiative-%28obi%29-technical-paper-broadband-performance.pdf.