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Exede Satellite Internet in Guthrie

Exede satellite internet has revolutionized the rural broadband landscape in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Prior to Exede, customers had a choice between dial-up internet and older-technology satellite internet service. The speeds for dial-up were 56 Kbps and the maximum residential download speed was 2.0 Mbps. Compare that to true the high speed internet options that you get with Exede. Most rural residents of Guthrie will now be able to receive 12 Mbps download speeds (comparable to cable internet). This is known as the exede12 package. For others, in the most remote of areas of Guthrie, Oklahoma, there is now the exede5 package with download speeds up to 5 Mbps.

And the best part? The price. Starting at $49.99/month, Exede is priced the same or LESS than what users were paying before for much slower internet access. And no matter what package you select, you will get the same super-fast speeds - you just select how much bandwidth you need each month.

Check out what you can do with Exede:

  • Stream video downloads such as movies, music and TV shows
  • Share your photos and videos faster than ever before
  • Almost-instantaneous web surfing and emailing
  • VOIP - Extremely capable Voice Over IP functionality

Exede Recovery Act Guthrie, OK

Important Notice

As of August 18, 2013, the WildBlue/Exede Recovery Act package is no longer available. This U.S. government-funded program has come to an end.

If you are a WildBlue/Exede customer with the Recovery Act plan, you will continue to receive service at the guaranteed rate for as long as you remain a customer and choose to remain on a Recovery Act plan.

These web pages remain available as a convenience to WildBlue/Exede customers with a Recovery Act plan.

All details on the Exede Recovery Act program have not been released yet, but we do know that there are going to be a range of reduced prices and plans to choose from. ViaSat, the parent corporation of Exede is also the parent company of WildBlue Satellite Internet. Both providers (ViaSat Exede and WildBlue) are participating in the U.S. Recovery Act Program. Please give us a call at 1-866-637-8460 to find out the latest on the Exede Recovery Act in Guthrie, OK.

Upgrade your internet service in Guthrie, OK today!

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